What is Street Fit®?

Street Fit® is an explosive fitness program designed to maximise fat burn whilst using street dance, it is guaranteed to get you fit! Street Fit® harnesses the aerobic and muscle-toning aspects of street dance to create fun, high-energy routines.

More information is available on the Street Fit® website

Who's it for?

Street Fit® is open to people of all abilities and fitness levels but you must be over 16 to take part and it is not reccommended if you are pregnant.

Street Kidz is available for those under 16 years old (see below) and Laura's Street Jazz classes may be a good alternative if you are expecting (but please consult your doctor first).

When are the classes?

Please contact Laura for up-to-date information on Street Fit® sessions or to enquire about a Street Fit® event that you are interested in.

More information on times and venues is available here

How much does it cost?

Street Fit® classes cost around £6 per session, depending on the venue in which they take place. Block-booking discounts are available. Please contact Laura for prices on hosting corporate or private Street Fit® events.

Do I need to bring anything?

Plenty of water (or alternative suitable drink) and a towel. There are no shower facilities at the venues but still be prepared to work up a sweat!

What if I can't do Street Fit®?

Laura is also qualified Street Kidz instructor! Street Kidz is Street Fit® specially put together for people under 16, so if you would like to show an interest in classes, you can contact Laura here.

If you are pregnant it is strongly advised that you do not do Street Fit®, although Laura's Street Jazz classes may be suitable. Before doing any fitness class while pregnant we always advise that you consult your doctor.